In 2003 Dr. Thomas Heller released his new book about agaves and their cultivation. The text was in German. The book contained many excellent photographs ,both of plants in public collections and plants in the form that can be found in every enthusiast's greenhouse. Apart from general notes on care and cultivation there was a series of individual plant descriptions accompanied by clear colour pictures. The book was an extremely useful addition to the bookshelf of any agave enthusiast, bearing in mind the lack of decently illustrated publications on this subject.
In 2006 the second edition of this book has arrived. The main format is the same but the book is much more lavishly illustrated than before and additional species are described and illustrated individually. A wonderful browse and a 'must have' for all fans of the agave plant.
The photographs seen here are courtesy of the author.
If you are interested in obtaining a copy of this superb book ( text in German) please contact the publisher:
Natur und Tier-Verlag Gmbh
An der Kleinmannbrucke 39/41
D-48157 Munster