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Agave Salmiana in Flower

In my garden,at the southern edge of London, I have an agave salmiana planted out since 1992. It has now grown to immense proportions and a week or so ago (20th September 2016) showed the first sign of flowering. 
In habitat the flower stalk of salmiana can reach 8 metres, what will happen in Worcester Park we''ll have to wait and see.

Agave Ovatifolia in Flower

In my garden during 2023 an agave ovatifolia flowered having been planted out for some 18 years. Survived unmarked without any cover during that time.
        new additions 2023/24.        
Agave tequilana
photo © Mihai Costea
Agave albopilosa from the collection of Jos van Roosbroeck (seed grown; 7 yrs.old)
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