Gemeentestraat 17,
2260 Oevel-Westerlo
Jos van Roosbroeck was a colleague of Bernd Ullrich and they did much work on agaves in habitat together. Consequently he has built up over the years a truly amazing collection of plants of varying sizes and maturities. Some are in pots and some planted out, some in the open and some under cover. Here you will see many plants that are not displayed anywhere else in Europe, plants that agave enthusiasts can normally only see in photos or read about in books like Gentry's ' The Agaves of Continental North America '. This collection is not to be missed by any serious agave enthusiast.
The collection is situated near exit 22 of the A13 ( E313 ) motorway east of Antwerp.
Visits by appointment only.
Ag. americana f. striata Ag. americana f. marginata Ag. angustiarum . Ag. applanata ( juvenile form ) Ag. arcedianoensis ( colimillensis ) Ag. asperrima X Ag. victoriae reginae ( = Ag. nigra ) Ag. atrovirens Ag. atrovirens v. mirabilis Ag. attenuata ( blue form ) Ag. attenuata ( variegated form ) Ag. attenuata ( variegated form ) Ag. attenuata f. serrulata Ag.aurea Ag.avellanidens Ag. bracteosa ( variegated form ) Ag. calodonta Ag. capensis Ag. cerulata ssp. cerulata Ag.cerulata ssp. dentiens Ag. cupreata Ag. dasylirioides Ag. decipiens Ag. desmettiana Ag. ellemeetiana .. Ag. filifera f. variegata Ag. garciae mendozae Ag. geminiflora Ag. gentryi' Jaws ' Ag. gilbertii ( = Ag. bakeri ) Ag. gypsophila Ag. hiemiflora Ag. horrida ssp. horrida Ag. horrida ssp. perotensis Ag.hurteri
. ..