Backebergia militaris Ag. asperrima Ag. cupreata Ag. dasylirioides Ag decipiens Ag. difformis Ag. durangensis Ag. durangensis Ag. filifera Ag. flexispina Ag. garciae mendozae Ag. guadalajarana Ag. guiengola Ag. guiengola Ag. horrida ssp. horrida Ag. horrida ssp. perotensis Ag. inaequidens ssp. barracensis Ag. isthmensis Ag. kerchovei Ag. macroacantha Ag. macroacantha f. verde Ag. marmorata Ag. mitis v. mitis Ag. mitis v. albidior Ag. montana Ag. ovatifolia Ag. pedunculifera Ag. potatorum Ag. pedunculifera Ag. rzedowskiana Ag. seemanniana Ag. striata Ag. triangularis Ag.utahensis v.eborispina Ag. utahensis ssp.kaibabensis Ag. utahensis v. nevadensis
In April 2007 in Succulenta, the magazine of the Belgian and Dutch Succulent Society, there appeared an article by Alsemgeest,van Roosbroeck and Walderveen describing the four major forms of agave victoriae-reginae, based on studies of these plants whilst travelling through their natural habitat.
The full article, translated into English, is to be found here :
Ag. victoriae-reginae f. compacta. f. viridis ( Breitung 1968 ) f. fernandi-regis ( Berger 1915 ; since 2011 newly renamed as nickelsiae )
In 2011 there was a further revision by Gonzales Elizondo et al. published in Acta Mexicana. The new revision suggests the following groupings:
1. victoriae reginae ssp. victoriae-reginae (western Nuevo León and eastern extreme of Coahuila
2. victoriae reginae ssp. swobodae (southern Coahuila and northeastern Durango)
3. nickelsiae (microendemic to southeastern Coahuila) ; replaces fernandi-regis
4. pintilla (the most westernly distributed species in the group, restricted to southeastern Durango).
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